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  1. I liked this quote:

    Each man is worth exactly the value of the things that he
    has seriously pursued.

    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, as quoted in Who Killed Homer?.

  2. I made my blog’s content space wider, so it should look nicer on big monitors now. I stole the CSS code to do so from this: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/177572/twenty-fifteen-wider-right-column-for-the-content

    I noticed that the “Proudly powered by WordPress” block at the bottom appears a bit skewed now. I should figure out how to fix that at some point.

    For now I’m putting custom CSS code into a Custom CSS field on the backend (I think this functionality is from a plugin). I think the best practice would be to break stuff out into a child theme, but I tried setting up a child theme before and had some trouble, so I’m just doing things this way for now.

    I also made the font of code blocks bigger, so they should be more readable now. I’m using a plugin for handling code syntax which hasn’t been updated in a while. I need to figure out a good replacement plugin at some point.

    I also made a Peikoff Grammar tag http://justinmallone.com/tag/peikoff-grammar/

  3. From BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win by David Horowitz:

    DePaul University professor Jason Hill is a Jamaican immigrant who is openly gay but politically conservative. Hill describes himself this way: “I’m mixed race, but I’m perceived as being black in America. And, like any person of color who has lived in America, I’ve experienced my fair share of racism. But I don’t see America as a nation of extreme bigotry.”55

    In his book We Have Overcome, Hill offers a memorable insight into the paradox of progressives who defend inner-city carnage and protect corrupt black politicians. Progressives, Hill believes, are driven by liberal guilt and low self-esteem. He writes: “If the moral meaning and purpose of your existence as a far-left liberal rests on my suffering and victimization as a black person, then you will need me to suffer indefinitely in order to continue to cull some meaning and purpose from your life. If I reject your help on the grounds that I will not let you expropriate my agency on behalf of my life, that I will cultivate the virtues in my character that are needed to emancipate my life from the hell you imagine it to be, then I’ve annihilated your meaning here on earth. I’ve identified your moral sadism in the relief of my suffering and named the moral hypocrisy of your life. It was never about me all along. . . . You needed me to suffer so you could gain meaning, atonement and redemption.”56

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