Gotta Cut Back

Environmentalism offers the same answer regarding the satisfaction of human desires/ends/purposes it doesn’t like, regardless of the situation or subject matter or purported crisis-of-the-moment.

new ice age? gotta cut back. global warming? gotta cut back. peak oil? gotta cut back. plenty of oil? gotta cut back.

use petroleum? gotta cut back. use nuclear? gotta cut back. use coal? gotta cut back. use hydro? gotta cut back.

ride planes? gotta cut back. drive a car? gotta cut back. use plastic bags? gotta cut back. use plastic straws? gotta cut back. like meat? gotta cut back.

Comic book characters

SJW types complain a ton about the boobs and body type of female comic book characters.

There’s an obvious selective attention issue here when you consider how male characters are drawn. Thor

But another thing is that comic book characters are frequently exaggerated IN ALL RESPECTS. Some secondary support character will have a genius level intellect and be world class with computers. Example [Batgirl/Oracle aka Barbara Gordon] from Wikipedia:


[Barbara] Gordon is written as having a genius-level intellect and naturally possessing a photographic memory.[142] She is described by Gail Simone as the most intelligent member of the Batman family and among all characters having operated out of Gotham City.[143] Prior to the character’s career as a vigilante, Barbara Gordon developed many technological skills, including vast knowledge of computers and electronics, expert skills as a hacker, and graduate training in library sciences. … As Oracle, Barbara Gordon placed her considerable skills and knowledge at the disposal of many of the DC Universe’s heroes.[142] She is a skilled hacker, capable of retrieving and dispersing information from private satellites, military installations, government files, and the properties of Lex Luthor.[129] Batman, himself a genius with a wide knowledge base and access to vast information resources, routinely consults Oracle for assistance.

This commissioner’s daughter is written as world class in several fields. And is SO world class she’s a CONSULTANT for BATMAN.

Comic book characters are idealized projections of what people think is good and desirable. So they have a bunch of characteristics people see as positive. Ho hum. If you have a criticism of what people like, it’d be better to focus on that with arguments, and not just complain about people liking what they like.

Lincoln Called For Dixie (Because He Liked It)

This seemed relevant to the current push to purge our culture of symbols associated with the Confederacy. The New York Times, February 7, 1909:

LINCOLN CALLED FOR DIXIE: Had It Played After Richmond’s Fall Because He Liked It

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6.—Joseph Nimmo, Jr., one of the few surviving close personal friends of Abraham Lincoln, today took issue with President Schneider of the Chicago Board of Trade, who is reported to have forbidden the singing of “Dixie” at the Lincoln centennial as treasonable.

“This I am prepared to deny from my personal experience,” said Mr. Nimmo.

“Early one morning in the month of April, 1865, the news reached Washington that Richmond had been evacuated. There was a rush to the White House led by a band. I accompanied the crowd. Soon Mr. Lincoln appeared at the window over the front entrance. He replied to the demand for a speech. I well remember his closing words, which were as follows:

There is a song or a tune which I used to hear with great pleasure before the war, but our friends across the river have appropriated it to their use during the last four years. It is the tune called “Dixie.’ But I think we have captured it. At any rate I conferred with the Attorney General this morning, and he expressed the Opinion that “Dixie” may fairly be regarded as captured property. So I shall be glad to hear “Dixie” by the band.

“Ever since then ‘Dixie’ has been regarded as a National air beloved by the people of the North and South. The tune of ‘Dixie’ was composed by Dan Emmett, a Northern man, who wrote the words and music. For years before the war it was sung at the North and at the South, and will remain for all time a truly National song, made so by the good-natured humor of Abraham Lincoln.”